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Weddings in India are always a great sense of camaraderie and joy. Every couple wishes to get unobtrusively captured on their special day and get all those once-in-a-lifetime moments
perfectly so that they could be cherished later down the lane. The sudden outbreak of corona virus has left all the businesses wrinkled especially the wedding photography industry.

The current situation has given a certain pause to photogs and photography businesses. But still many engaged and to-be-wed couples are just considerate in planning their milestone events in
the new context during this lockdown situation. So, this is the perfect time for the photography
industry to move quickly with resetting ideas and help clients pivot and prepare for their big

Below are few interesting points that could help the photogs community to survive and
overcome this pandemic crisis –i.e. current situation and future predictions.

  • The current situation is basically a pause button to the photography field. So treat it is as off- season months of the year and focus on the pending edits that are to be done and
    deliver it to the clients.
  • Which client’s work should be prioritized??? For this you need to list the clients dividing them into 2 categories, saying, who can pay and who is willing to pay. Always choose the clients from list of willing to pay over another list.
  • This is the best time to focus more on your business model and work on “strategies for
    survival” which includes different ways to cater services in considerate of covid situation. Expand your wings and explore all new possible ways to get back in.
  • Make sure you don’t miss on planning safety savings to meet such unpredictable situations. Safety savings should always be the most considerate part while
    channelizing your cash. Make a wise safety saving plan.
  • Be engaged to avoid negativity – Make sure you and your team focus more on the editing works in the lockdown situation and improve the skill-set as much as you can. Take your craft next level.
  • For photogs: Invest your time exploring options in your own camera. Thus, you can
    get with new features and improve knowledge on the tool you are using.
  • For editors/ freelancers: Invest your time exploring options in applications and editing tools. Thus, you can get with new features and improve knowledge on the tool you are
  • Encourage your team to improve their production by offering them special incentives. Do not go with downsizing of your team during this situation. Instead bind them close and involve them to plan on the survival strategies and improvising craft. This could built the sense of trust and oneness within the team – BE EMPATHETIC.
  • Client relations plays a very important role to get back and survive in the business and market. Make sure you send the occasional wishes and maintain harmony with the old clients. This indeed enhances word of mouth marketing for business and helps in generating new leads.
  • Come up with new value added services that would built interest of client and stick onto the quoted price without more negotiations. Such value added services might include – Live streaming, “same day edit” videos.
  • Don’t stick on to one particular genre of photography. Explore the all possible ways to be in the market. Post covid, the main source of every company to market their goods and services is through digital platform portraying photos. And then photographers come into the action. Make sure you become MARKET GUY of your place and engage more in digitally promoted works. Maintain absolute social relations with business hubs
    around you.
  • Post lockdown, during the events, do follow all the possible safety norms but make sure you blend-in rather than stand out with overly done safety suits. This will not attract the unwanted attraction which sometimes may lead to distraction during shoot.

The pandemic situation can never stop an Indian on planning their events. As Shruthi Kakkar (Anushka Sharma) from Band Baaja Baaraat says – “ Inflation ho ya recession shaadi
toh honi hai na”. Absolutely yes!! We completely abide by that. There’s always a resume
to the paused things. Now there will be whole new shift regarding hosting the events which will be more of an intimate affair. So photogs brace up for the beginning of new normal, embrace the situation thoroughly and gleam with the charm of your craft.

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